Front Fuselage Floor

Front Fuselage Floor



March 26, 2017


Hours Spent: 6

Page 21-19 Step 1: Dimpled holes in the front floors Step 2: Riveted nutplates to the front floor Step 3: Riveted step floors to the bulkhead Step 4: Dimpled internal floor nutplates Step 5: Dimpled nutplates in the baggage bulkhead Step 6: Dimpled and installed nutplates to baggage bulkhead Step 7: Skipped due to autopilot brackets installation Step 8: Installed bushings in baggage bulkhead Step 9: Cleco facet pump bracket then final drill Step 10: countersink and rivet nutplates Step 11: Riveted pump bracket to bottom skin

Page 39-04 Step 2: Cleco’d Baggage Bulkhead and Servo Brackets to baggage ribs Step 3: Rivet servo angles to the servo brackets

Page 21-20 Step 1: Installed System block studs to fuselage floor with Emilys help.

Page 22-02 Step 1: Dimpled return line clamp in firewall bottom. Step 10: Fabricated firewall spacers Step 14: Used a unibit to expand firewall bottom hole to 9/16”

Page 22-03 Step 1: Cut apart and deburred the brake pedal channels Step 2: Dimpled the aft holes of the rudder pedal channels, I actually misdimple and had to flatten 1 with a flat set Step 7 & 8: Fabricated the gascolator support bracket from aluminum angle

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