Hello, my name is Joe Jensen and

I'm a Software Engineer

writing device drivers, creating web sites, and everything in between.

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Hi, I'm Joe

I wrote my first piece of software in middle school(a pong RPG in TI-BASIC if you're curious) and fell in love with programming. Since those days I've built cloud services, desktop applications, websites, webapps, mobile apps, and even devices drivers but still can't get enough.

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I have over 12 years experience working as a software engineer/developer, with demonstrable results working on the full-stack of multiple projects. I'm currently Senior Director of Development and Tranasction Server at ECRS in Boone, NC. In this role I oversee all aspects of software development and architecture of ECRS' flagship Point of Sale and related products.

Learning and Teaching

I'm passionate about expanding my knowledge set both personally and professionally and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. In my free time I'm currently investigating and making Augmented Reality applications for mobile devices.

Builder / Maker

I'm constantly picking up and abandoning hobbies, but creation is the common theme. From building a bookshelf, to writing software, to building an airplane I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from building or fixing something.

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