Start moving blogs to GitHub

Start moving blogs to GitHub



October 30, 2019


I’ve maintained(or more accurately owned but not updated) a personal WordPress blog at for almost a decade now, paying a couple bucks a month for no other purpose than so that it would to resolve to something and allow me to receive email at a custom domain.

I’ve also maintained a personal blog to track my progress building an RV-12 Light Sport Aircraft. I plan to register it as an ELSA which doesn’t have stringent requirements to log every step of the build. However, if I change my mind and want to go the EAB route I need to be able to provide thorough logs of the planes construction. I’ve actually been hosting this wordpress blog on a Raspberry Pi in a basement closet but I’d like to have it stored in a more secure location and publicly available for an EAA Technical Counselor to review.

To simplify my personal infrastructure and reduce costs I’m going to merge everything into a single GitHub Pages site and use a free email forwarding service to send all my emails to a gmail account.

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