Attaching Fuselage Bottom Skin

Attaching Fuselage Bottom Skin



March 25, 2017


Hours Spent: 11

Page 21-16 Step 2: Install nutplates in bottom skin access holes Step 3: Broke edges around bottom skin sides Step 4: Clecod Bottom Skins to the Fuselage Step 5: Clecod bottom skin stiffeners to skin Step 6: Clecod doublers to bottom skin Step 7: Riveted Bottom Skin to Fuselage

Page 21-17 Step 1: Removed front bulkhead and botled on nutplate brackets Step 2: Aligned nutplate brackets vertically and match drilled Step 3: Deburred holes Step 4: Re-primed the step attach angles after drilling Step 5: Riveted Step Attach Angles to the ribs Step 6: Did other side Step 7: Clecod the front bulkhead back in place Step 8: Riveted Nutplate brackets and attach angles to front bulkhead Step 9: Riveted bulkhead to the corner skins TODO: Step 10 will be delayed until final assembly Step 11: Dimpled nutplates in front bulkhead Step 12: Installed snap bushings in front bulkhead

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