Front Fuselage Floor Assembly

Front Fuselage Floor Assembly



March 19, 2017


Hours Spent: 6

Page 21-13 Step 3: Dimpled inboard nutplate holes on seat ramp floor. Step 4: Dimpled inboard #30 holes in seat ramp floor Step 5: Riveted SEat Ramp floors in place Step 6: Attached nutplates to seat ramp floor and ribs

Page 21-14 Step 2: Dimpled inboard step ribs Step 3: Dimpled nnutplate attached holes on front floor bulkhead Step 4: Riveted ribs to step floor bulkhead front Step 5: Dimpled bottom hole in floor ribs for step clearance Step 6: Cleco the front floor bulkhead Step 7: Installed snap bushing in fuselage assembly

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