Forward Seat Bulkhead

Forward Seat Bulkhead



March 18, 2017


Hours Spent: 11

Page 21-10 Step 9: Filed stub spar receptacles to match stub spars Step 10: Riveted stub spar receptacles to bulkhead

Page 21-11 Step 2: Riveted bulkhead doublers to bulkhead Step 3: Riveted together flanges of bulkhead doublers Step 4: Rieted control column mount assemblies to bulkhead Step 5: Riveted nutplates to column mount assemblies

Page 21-12 Step 2: Riveted 17 nutplates to bulkhead Step 3: Riveted more doublers to bulkhead

Page 21-13 Step 1: Clecod bulkhead to seat rib front Step 2: Riveted the bulkhead assembly in place Step 3: Dimpled nutplate holes in seat ramp floors Step 4: Dimple more nutplate holes in seat ramp Step 7: Match drilled and deburred the control column Step 8: Installed control column. This seemed easier to do before installing the seat ramp floors so I did it now.

Page 21-14 Step 1: Secured the control column in the floor.

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