Finishing the Seat Floor

Finishing the Seat Floor



March 17, 2017


Hours Spent: 4

Finally received the missing F-1017C seat belt lugs allowing me to finish the seat floor assembly.

Page 21-04 Step 8: Seperated the seat belt supports Step 9: Final drilled, deburred, primed, and riveted the seat belt lugs to the to the seat ribs.

Page 21-07 Step 6: Riveted seat floor to the ribs which had the seat belt lugs attached Step 7: Riveted nut plated to floor and rib which had the seat belt lugs attached. Step 9: Installed snap bushing in left seat assembly

Page 21-08 Step 1: Riveted right seat rib to pulley bracket Step 2: Dimpled and installed nut plated to right seat rib with lug Step 4: Installed snap bushings in right seat assembly Step 5: Riveted seat floors to the central bulkhead

Page 21-09 Step 1: Riveted fwd bulkhead side assemblies to the seat floors Step 2: Riveted one of the side bulkhead caps in place Step 3: Installed Left Wing roller Step 4: Installed right bulkhead side cap Step 5: Installed right wing roller

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