Front Steps

Front Steps



March 22, 2017


Hours Spent: 4

Page 21-15 Step 1: Seperated Fuselage corner skins

Page 21-17 Step 1: Seperated step attach angleds Step 2: Trimmed flanges from the step attach angles Step 3: Seperated Step Nutplate Brackets Step 4: Machine countersunk step nutplate brackets Step 5: Clecod Step attache angles to step ribs and bulkhead then match drilled #30 Step 6: Final drilled 1/4 the step attach holes Step 7: Used bolt to hole the step in place Step 8: Made step pad horizontal and match drilled remaining hole TODO: Step 9: Will fill the step with fuel tank sealent just before permanently attaching it Step 10: Repeated above steps for other step

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