Continued Forward Lower Fuselage

Continued Forward Lower Fuselage



March 29, 2017


Hours Spent: 3

Page 22-02 Step 11: Clamped firewall spacer and attach plate to lower firewall Step 12: Match drilled spacer and attach plate, deburred, primed, and riveted Step 13: Riveted return line clamp nutplage Step 14: I had already enlarged the base hole so I used a file to match the rib and firewall hole

Page 22-03 Step 3: Riveted rudder support channels in place Step 4: Smeared fuel tank sealant on top flange and riveted firewall shelf in place Step 5: Placed blind rivets in 2 tooling holes of lower firewall Step 6: Riveted firewall stiffener to bottom firewall Step 9: Match drilled and countersunk bracket Step 10: Clecod bracket and match drilled to tunnel rib Step 11: Deburred and re-primed bracket Step 12: Riveted bracket and added remaining nutplate

Page 22-04 Step 1: Installed nutplates for FT-60 fuel flow meter Step 2: Clecod and match drilled fuel flow bracket to bottom skin Step 3: Riveted fuel flow bracket

Clecod to mid-fuselage assembly in preparation to rivet.

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