Preparing for Side Skins

Preparing for Side Skins



April 3, 2017


Hours Spent: 2

Skipping the longerons for now.

Page 23-03 Step 1: Countersinking F-1205B. I ended up oversinked multiple holes here and ended up ordering replacements.

Step 3: Riveted mid-fuse brace to the side bulkheads Step 4: Riveted the brace and brace closeout in place with the exceptions of the F-1205B rivets

Page 23-04 Step 1: Seperated the arm rest brackets Step 2: Riveted the arm rest brackets to the side channel Step 3: Riveted side channels to the bulkhead Step 4: Removed support tab from the arm rest Step 5: Match drilled the arm rests into the bulkhead sides Step 6: Riveted the latch pin holder to the arm rest Step 7: Riveted arm rests to the side channels

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