Assmbling seat ribs

Assmbling seat ribs



March 14, 2017


Hours Spent: 4

I proceeded to doing step 21-05 Step 13 and then had to drill out the rivets in order to do the autopilot bracket installation.

39-01 Step 1: Trimmed material from seat rib to open up the autopilot bracket holes Step 3: Match drilled holes in doubler and seat rib. Step 4: Riveted doubler to the rib Step 5: Riveted doubler to the intercostal Step 6: Installed screw/washer/nut finger tight then re-riveted a drilled out nutplate

21-05 Step 13: Finished riveting the seat rib to the flaperon assembly

21-06 Step 2: Dimpled and installed nutplates on crotch strap brackets Step 3: Dimpled sloped flange on seat rib Step 4: Riveted crotch strap brackets between seat ribs Step 5: Dimpled slop gflange sin ribs on other side Step 6: Riveted crost strap bracket to other side Step 7: Cut hinge piece to length. Step 8: Drilled locating hole in hinge

21-07 Step 1: Drew line and match drilled the seat hinges

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