Seat area parts prep

Seat area parts prep



March 11, 2017


Hours Spent: 6

Time deburring / prepping and priming parts

21-04 Step 3: Countersinking flaperon mixer arms Step 6: Seperating seatbelt attach lugs supports, seat belt attach lugs are still missing Step 7: Removing vertical material from ribs

21-06 Step 1: Dimpling holes in crotch strap brackets

21-07 Step 5: Seperating seat floor supports

21-10 Step 1: Deburring control column spacers Step 2: Countersinking control column spacers Step 4: Seperating bulkhead skin support flanges Step 5: Seperate stub spar receptacle supports Step 6: countersink holes in bulkhead Step 7: Final drill bulkhead holes with step bit

21-11 Step 1: Seperate bulkhead doublers

21-12 Step 1: Seperate more bulkhead doublers

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