Attaching rear baggage bulkhead

Attaching rear baggage bulkhead



March 8, 2017


Hours Spent: 3

21-02 Step 7: Filed rear spar receptacles to match rear wing spar stubs

Deburred and primed parts

21-02 Step 8: Riveted spar receptacles to bulkhead 21-02 Step12: Dimpled and installed nutplates 21-02 Step 13 Riveted more nutplates 21-02 Step 14: Double flush rivet bearing bracket assemblies

21-03 Step 1: Riveted rear bagge bulkhead to baggage ribs 21-03 Step 2: Rivet more rear ribs to bulkhead an forward bagge ribs 21-03 Step 3: Dimple holes in floor and ribs 21-03 Step 4: Rivet mroe ribs to bulkhead 21-03 Step 5: Rivet bagge floors to rear ribs 21-03 Step 6: Dimple and install nutplates on rear ribs and floor

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