Center Section Bulkhead Prep

Center Section Bulkhead Prep



March 4, 2017


Plans Reference: 20-02, 20-03

Hours Spent: 5

Page 20-02

Step 1: Machine countersinking center section and installing nutplates.

Step 2 & Step 3: Final drilling center section assemblies for retaining blocks, skipping retaining blocks install until after priming.

Step 4: Aligning center section with aft bulkhead

Page 20-03

Step 1: Cleco on the bottom skins

Step 2: Match drill aft bulkhead and the center section

Step 3: Remove alignment bolts and debur

Step 4: Machine countersink center section and dimple aft bulkhead to match

Step 5: Seperate the skin attach flanges

Step 6: Seperate the skin stiffeners

Step 7: Seperate more skin stiffeners

Step 8: Add slight bend to bottom flanges to match the inside of the center section

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